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Saturday, July 19, 2008


jackie c

David, go easy with the Coke!! Maybe this is the reason that you are seeing all the lovely, bright colours. Ha!ha! Joking aside Coke (but seemingly, it's got to be 'hey, hey,...it's the real thing' stuff) may actually help settle an upset stomach ( got this info from a doctor years ago) but it also dehydrates and you may need some re-hydration now especially after stomach upset and if the weather is warm...water is the best for this.
I do hope you manage to get the peace to sketch. Sounds like you could do with a couple of bodyguards or if it is possible, maybe draw from the safety of a car or even the hotel window.
Take care. Jackie


Hi David,
hope, you are fine! ı just looked at your new paintings and they are great and beautiful I am still keeping one you draw for me... by he way, in august 05,2006 in your blog(website) '' he also told me no-one even went to Diyarbakır, because it was bandit country'' and also all things which is written in this paragraph which I didn't say is still there and really makes me sad because I really don't want to see it on internet.. others are nice to read but Diyarbakır section, please delete all about me and especially, I noticed above, bandit, belgıum girls, carriying... all I dont want to be written because they are my private and also for my work.
please, delete them! you are a good human. I had nice time with you as guiding. and you know I did my best in 4 days for you. I will be very happy if you do soon. I also like Diyarbakır city very much.
I said I really respect you and you have to know that I am very unhappy to see my private words and there are some sayings like '' bandit'' I didn't say. one of my friend from england have seen all this on your blogs/web and she read all and called me and asked is he you?
so, I am sad really...please and please delete all of this writing about me, especially about the day in diyarbakır which is written on 05.august 2006.
ıf you still say, you want to keep in your site/blog*** what can I do:
then please, take out even the Y letter of my name just put another name like m, n, s.
and better not say in the end of diary: Y tour guide wanted you to omit the words and the name. please dont get angry with me...in my culture: I will never write anything about someone without permission.. you could better to ask me first as we are being human and
as ethic...because I dont want... thanks alot and hope you understand me.
I am looking forward to read your answer me and do a favor for me.
I promise I will guide and help free for one of your friend if comes to urfa.
I also liked your company since you were here and hope we can meet again.
you are always welcome well to Turkey.

best wishes,Y guide


hope, you recieved my mail, please write me back here:


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